A daydream on the Amalfi Coast

Il Piccolo Sant’Andrea, a 5-star hotel in Praiano, on the Amalfi coast, is more than just a hotel: it’s a place destined to remain in the heart and in the memory of those who choose it for their holidays. A corner of paradise perched on a rock, suspended between the blue sea and the azure sky, where the air has the heady scent of orange blossoms.

The panoramic view is breath-taking, encompassing the whole coast that goes from Praiano to Positano, continuing to Punta Campanella, the Archipelago Li Galli (Sirenusas) and going up to the profile of the island of Capri.

The Piccolo Sant’Andrea is perched right over the sea and offers everything you could want, from a restaurant to a spa with exclusive treatments.


Piccolo Sant’Andrea is a Luxury Suite Hotel & spa opened by four brothers, Igea, Bruno, Elvio and Francesco, following the wish of their father, Odino Sartori, who wanted to open this dwelling suspended between the sky and the sea.

The hotel is named after Saint Andrew, patron saint of Amalfi, to whom the fishermen of the “divine coast” have always offered their devotion.

Odino Sartori was a Venetian entrepreneur who was dazzled on his very first visit to the Amalfi coast. Being a man of action, he soon acquired Pietra Piana, as was called by the locals the place where the Piccolo Sant’Andrea Luxury Suite Hotel & spa was then to be developed.

Enamoured by nature in general and by the Amalfi coast in particular, he made sure the structure was built in harmony with the cliffs and the sinuous features of the Coast.

He ended up so pleased with the project he had created for others that he turned it into his “buen retiro” to enjoy the endless sea and the scent of the orange blossoms. He built his dwelling on the tip of the cliffs, where a wrought iron butterfly supports the glass parapet to enjoy the endless sea. The butterfly was then used by the brothers as the hotel logo.

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